Specialized Rigging

Need Help Moving Heavy Equipment?

Need Help Moving Heavy Equipment?

We offer specialized rigging services in Port Orange, FL and throughout the state

If you need to move or install heavy machinery or equipment, High Performance Rigging can help. Our crew offers specialized rigging services designed to safely and efficiently move and position heavy equipment.

Our experienced team can:

  • Work with large HVAC units
  • Dispose of old chillers and air conditioning units
  • Move/ Relocate industrial machinery
  • Develop a plan of action and follow through

Contact us today to ask about the specialized rigging we do in Port Orange, FL and surrounding areas.

We can take care of rigging equipment wherever and whenever you need. We'll assess the situation, give you a quote and make recommendations to meet the challenge. Once we've hammered out the details, you can sit back while our team does the heavy lifting.

Call now to get rigging equipment assistance in the Port Orange, FL area or anywhere in the state.